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Pinnacle BioLabs manufactures point-of-care in vitro diagnostics for colorectal cancer, drug of abuse testing, and various other disease states via urinalysis.

Additionally, Pinnacle Toxicology Services performs urine, hair, and saliva drug testing confirmation.  It operates traditional, POD, and fully-outsourced toxicology confirmation models in the pain management, OB GYN, Family Practice and Internal Medicine markets.

The companies origins were in the colorectal cancer market, still reflected in its mission.  

Pinnacle BioLabs owns patents and intellectual property in the in vitro diagnostic testing market covering diabetes, colon cancer, drug screening, kidney and liver disease states and fertility testing.  Pinnacle is the world leader in OTC Colorectal Cancer Testing with it's novel Second Generation FIT Home Colorectal Cancer Test. 

Pinnacle BioLabs sits at the forefront of telemedicine and mass healthcare screening with it's patented Quantum RRS4 digital confirmation technology.  Since 2013, Pinnacle BioLabs is a women owned small business located in Southwest Florida.