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12 Panel Drug Tests

In an all-inclusive cup or economical dip format

12 panel drug test


Pinnacle's 12 Panel drug tests produce lab-accurate results on a point of care device that are FDA cleared for home and office use.  In as little as one minute, you'll know what prescription and/or illegal drugs are present spanning thirty days.  

clia waived drug test kit

The Pinnacle 12 Panel Dip and Cup test identifies the following drugs:

 Marijuana | CocaineAmphetamines | Methamphetamines | Barbituates | Anti depressants | Oxycotin | Ecstasy | PCP | Methadone | Bupernorpine | Benzodiezopines

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point of care drug test
Pinnacle's US based manufacturing facility makes the most scientifically advanced rapid drug of abuse test kits available.  With multiple cut-off levels, the longest detection window available, and the lowest drug threshold, you can feel confident acting on our point of care test results.  In fact, Pinnacles drug tests are used in hospitals and medical laboratories nationwide.  Get it now with free shipping.

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