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Point of Care Drug Testing

Point of care drug tests

Pinnacle's point of care drug testing devices are all FDA cleared, CLIA waived, and OTC approved for home use.  With results in two to three minutes using a urine sample, the administrator can instantly tell what prescription or illicit substance are, or are not present in urine. CLIA waived urine drug screening remains one of the most profitable tests a CLIA waived lab can perform.  Get the CPT code reimbursement guide >  

Physician offices have the additional advantage of confirmation testing via mass spectrometry on qualifying patients.  Learn more about cross reactivity > Confirmation testing is highly recommended for offices utilizing CLIA waived point of care drug tests. Click on the Toxicology tab to learn more and sign up for Pinnacle's toxicology services with a simple one page form.   Pinnacle can accommodate hair, saliva and blood testing for prescription and illicit substances as well.  Please reach out to a customer service representative at 1-800-609-6419 if you have questions regarding these items.


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