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Archon is a blood test that can detect lung cancer at an early stage, while it can still be cured.  Archon detects lung cancer before there are any symptoms. It uses a blood sample to analyze protein biomarkers and auto-antibodies associated with the presence of a lung cancer tumor. Archon is a highly advanced test that does not test for predisposition for lung cancer, rather it tests for the presence of lung cancer at the time of testing.

Before Archon, the best option for Lung Cancer Screening was a Low Dose CT Scan.  CT Scans are time-consuming and are coming under more and more scrutiny as an ineffective screen for lung cancer.*  In fact, the false-positivity rate for CT scans for lung cancer screening is 96.4%, leading to unnecessary, invasive, and expensive procedures.  Archon can rule out lung cancer (Negative Predictive Value) an astounding 99.3% of the time.

Early stage, curable lung cancer tumors elevate certain protein biomarkers in the body, specifically  CEA, CA125, and CYRFA.  This combined with the auto-antibody NY-ES01 are detected in extremely low quantities by Archon and expressed in a proprietary algorithm to aid in the diagnosis of the presence of a lung cancer tumor.  The exacting architecture of the test, combined with the convenience and ease of a simple blood draw make Archon the most revolutionary advancement in Lung Cancer Screening to date.  




lung cancer blood test

After ordering the test, Pinnacle's customer service team coordinates the blood draw for you.  There are ZERO additional costs - the test is inclusive of physicians orders for the test, lab draw, (over 3,500 locations nationwide)  overnighting the test and medical review of your results by our medical review officer.


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